Saturday, 4 August 2012

A writer's idyll?

June 3rd: Astounding and enchanting change in the weather, which becomes warm.  I carry chair, writing-materials, rug, and cushion into the garden, but am called in to have a look at the Pantry Sink, please, as it seems to have blocked itself up.  Attempted return to garden frustrated by arrival of note from the village concerning Garden Fete arrangements, which requires immediate answer, necessity for speaking to the butcher on the telephone, and sudden realisation that Laundry List hasn't yet been made out, and the Van will be here at eleven.  When it does come, I have to speak about the tablecloths, which leads  -- do not know how-- to long conversation about the Derby, the Van speaking highly of an outsider  - Trews - whilst I uphold the chances of Silver Flare - (mainly because I like the name).

Shortly after this, Mrs S arrives from the village, to collect jumble for Garden Fete, which takes time.  After lunch, sky clouds over, and Mademoiselle and Vicky kindly help me to carry chair, writing-materials, rug, and cushion into the house again."

Diary of a Provincial Lady, E.M. Delafield

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