Saturday, 5 January 2013

January's Great Frost

"Jan. 4, 1709:- ...  My ink has been fros, and tho I writ with it as it comes boiling from the fire, it's white.  If I might tell you all the stories are daily brought in of accidents accationed by the great frost I might fill sheets, as children drown upon the Thames, post-boys being brought in by their horses to their stages frose to their horses stone dead, and we are obliged to the horses for having our letters regular.  There are several stories trump'd up that happened the last great frost of 1684 and told as now; they begin to build booths upon the Thames, it begins a little to thaw, so I hope it will not last so long as that did... "

The Wentworth Papers   Peter Wentworth to his brother, Lord Raby.

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