Sunday, 6 January 2013

'but a silly play' (Or, What you Will)

"6.  Twelfth day.   After dinner to the Dukes house and there saw Twelfth night acted well, though it be but a silly play and not relating at all to the name or day. wife and I home and find all well. Only, myself somewhat vexed at my wife's neglect in leaving of her scarfe, waistcoat, and night-dressings in the coach today that brought us from Westminster, though I confess she did give them to me to look after -- yet it was her fault not to see that I did take them out of the coach.  I believe it might be as good as 25s. loss or thereabouts.  So to my office, however, to set down my last three days' Journall, and writing to my father about my sending him some wine and things this week for his making an entertainment of some friends in the country, and so home."
Samuel Pepys, 1663

The Shorter Pepys   R. Latham

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