Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ravilious in Dulwich

I finally got down to Dulwich Gallery to see James Russell's Ravilious exhibition.  What a magical, sparkling feast!  Like two more of my favourite artists, Sickert and Freud,  Ravilious subtly manipulates the viewer, with more than a touch of Magritte;   inanimate objects meticulously observed are poised to take on a life of their own, in other paintings you feel someone has just slipped out of sight.

Here are just three where odd details drew me in, but nothing can compare with seeing the masterly brushwork and design of the watercolours themselves.

Convoy passing an island  1941    The British Council

Prospect from an Attic c. 1932
Scarborough Museums and Gallery

Wet Afternoon  1938      
Dulwich Art Gallery 

 And in the last room, the dark seas of his 1940s Arctic Circle paintings unexpectedly brought to mind Georges de La Tour.

HMS Glorious in the Arctic 1940
© Imperial War Museum

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