Monday, 8 August 2016

Felicity Aylieff, potter

I am fortunate enough to live surrounded by books and beautiful paintings and rarely covet material things, except perhaps a book or painting missed -  a Doves Press Areopagitica, a drawing at the RA Summer Exhibition -- which I couldn't really afford anyway.  But when I saw photos of this porcelain vase, yes, I thought, that I would love to possess.   But until I saw this image, I had not realised just how large it was.

Still Life with Three Chinese Vases
© the Artist (at Adrian Sassoon)

It was made by Felicity Aylieff , Senior Ceramics Tutor at the Royal College of Art during a residency at the Jingdezhen Experimental Factory in China, where she was working on very large scale porcelains decorated in the traditional hand-painted soft colour 'fencai' enamels. It stands some five feet high (and costs as much as a mid-range car). 

And where could I put it anyway to display it at its best and without risk of damage?  So now, as well as enjoying the clarity of colour, the subtle detailed patterns with hints of Japanese angularity, and its unexpected scale, I can also ponder what sort of an imaginary space would I choose, in which to walk around it, touch it and marvel.  

© Felicity Aylieff, potter

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